Project Description

Project Brief

AJT Technology Designs, a technology/telecommunications design and consulting firm, approached Elliot Kincade to help them with their new website.  During our first meeting we discovered that AJT was in the process of creating a new integration division of their company.  Our final solution included rebranding their company from AJT Technology Designs to AJT Technology Solutions.  This new name would not alienate their existing / future design customers and would allow them to sell their integration services without having to further explain that they are a design company that also offers integration services.

The systems they design and integrate all have one common denominator, the Ethernet port.  This is why our team decided to incorporate this into the final logo design.  We also wanted to have a logo that could have different colors for different divisions of the company.  The main company is blue, the design division is red, and the integrations division is brown.

Visual A

Visual B

Final Designs

Skills Needed

During every project we realize skills that we didn’t know we had.  This project was no different.  We probed and listened to AJT Technology Solutions and came up with a solution that was not just right for the present but was perfect well into their future.

Project Planning 98%
Graphic Design 90%
Branding 100%
Business Development Consulting 98%
Website Design 92%
Website Depvelopment 98%

Initial Concept Planning

This phase was researching the industry AJT Technology Solutions was operating in.  Many ideas where brought to the table but none that fit.  It hit Clint when he came back to his desk from our meeting.  There was the common denominator staring at him from the back of his computer, the Ethernet Port.  We planned on how we could implement it into a design and presented to the client.

Drafts & Revisions

We developed very few drafts and revisions on this project. The logo was settled on very quickly. From there the rest of the branding (letterhead, proposal covers, resumes, business cards, etc.) came easy. The website was to be simple, easy to navigate and the same across all platforms.

Final Delivery

Final delivery of this project was special for our team. We developed an amazing brand identity for a company in an industry were small businesses are often poorly branded. AJT Technology Solutions now stands out from even the largest competitors and is ecstatic about the outcome.